Friday, September 23, 2011

Dusting it Off

I realize that it has been some months now since I have posted, and I am no nearer my goal now than I was then. The point is that this happens to writers all the time; Life gets in the way, the writing doesn't seem good enough, inspiration hides while insecurity rears its ugly head... at least that's what has been happening with this writer.

Now that I have finally been doing something to wrench myself from this very deep depression I have been in, I have decided that it is well beyond the time for action, and that I need to fight harder to meet my goals. I know that life is going to throw curve balls at me, but I intend to throw them back. Instead of making excuses, I intend to do what I have set out to do.

Sometimes there's a voice inside our writer heads.  

'The work is no good.'  
'Your novel will be too late and miss the fad.'
'You have no talent.'

Occasionally you just need to shut that voice out and do it anyway, and as I keep telling myself that right now, I am going to end this posting and get to what I set out to do.

What does your writer voice tell you? What are some obstacles you are overcoming in your own writing?